November 13th, 2009

Cincinnati Wine Review – Kinkead Ridge 2008 Viognier

This is a guest post written by our good friend, Aaron Fetters, wine connoisseur and someone extremely active in the Cincinnati wine community. Aaron will be a regular contributor and we’re super happy to have him!

Well, it’s been an exhausting week and it’s nice to relax a bit and just write about something that really put a smile on my face tonight – a 2008 Kinkead Ridge Viognier/Roussanne blend.

kk-ridge-voignierOn to the wine…this is a white from one of my favorite Ohio River Valley wineries that we picked up last weekend, and wow do I love it! I know Ron and Nancy out at Kinkead Ridge are very excited about this wine and after tasting it I understand why. This wine is SO refreshing and flavorful all at the same time – it made a wonderful pairing with our cajun shrimp and pasta alfredo tonight! It’s a 57% Viognier, 43% Roussanne blend and I detect a bit of honeysuckle on the nose in addition to the fruit forward aromas. In your mouth the wine has just a tinge of tingliness and I actually noticed a bit of spice, almost like ginger or something, again, in addition to the very flavorful fruit notes like orange and pear.

I’ve always been a big fan of Ron’s red wines such as his 2006 Revelation Red and before that the 2005 Syrah, but this white may actually be my favorite wine he has produced. The wine runs $15.95 a bottle and is well worth that. For a list of where to find Kinkead Ridge wines, click here. If you’re in the Southern Ohio area, I would really encourage you to visit Kinkead Ridge on a Saturday afternoon and check out all they have to offer. For me, tonight’s glass offered a nice relaxing break from some of the stress I’ve had the past week or so. Tentative plans are to head to Napa next week, so I should have plenty to blog about soon. Happy tasting all, hope you enjoy the first miracle!

You can read more of Aaron’s reviews at his blog, Enjoying the First Miracle.  You also find him on Twitter.

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  • Thanks for the write-up! Just a note, the winery is closed, and only open three more days this year; Saturday Nov. 28, Annual Barrel Tasting; December 5 and 12. Then the winery closes until Memorial Day weekend of 2010.