May 17th, 2010

Great Wine Idea: The Urban Wine Company

Grow your own grapes and then let professionals turn it into wine you can be proud of.  That’s the idea behind The Urban Wine Company out of London.

urbanwineco The idea behind The Urban Wine Company was simple.  A couple of guys living in South London realized the grapes growing in their backyards were going to waste.  The pair quickly rounded up a few friends who also had unused backyard-grapes to press their first run of urban wine.  20 bottles later they liked what they tasted and The Urban Wine Company was officially born.

It’s a pretty simple process to join and become a part of this community wine effort.  If you have a mature vine that grows grapes suitable for wine you qualify, and 65 pounds later (about $94 US dollars) you’re a member. The Urban Wine Company collects your grapes along with others in the community, and then works with local wineries to produce the wine.  Membership qualifies you for up to six bottles of wine, exclusive tasting events and other fun stuff.

But even more important than the wine is the collective power of the community coming together to produce amazing and completely locally-enabled wine.  To date The Urban Wine Company has drawn about 200 members, so clearly people are sparking to the idea.

Given we live in one of the great viticulture regions in the world I think this is definitely an idea that could get some traction in and around the Greater Cincinnati area.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Hi Guys we are the UK UWC. Nice Piece. Thanks for thinking of us

  • I remember as a kid in St. Louis watching my Uncle’s parents (from Italy) raise grapes in their backyard, crush them in their basement and then sell the wine in their neighborhood on the Hill (Italian section in STL). They probably would have been good candidates to join the Urban Wine Company. Do you have any St Louis members?

  • That is a great concept. Is this membership available in Germany? I know of a friend who grows Gewurztramier, which is a type of spicy grape.

  • Thanks for your comment, Jerry. Not sure about availability. Feel free to reach out to The Urban Wine Company.