January 5th, 2011

Winter Gathering of the Bacchanalian Society

The Bacchanalian Society will host its Winter Gathering on Thursday, January 27 at The Phoenix.  The wine varietal is Sauvignon Blanc.


For folks new to the Bacchanalian Society and their quarterly events, here’s some info, and make sure you check out their rules here (they’re unique):

By helping charities to organize and conduct wine tastings every quarter – that’s right, only four events a year – the Bacchanalian Society integrates social and professional networking with philanthropy. The wine tastings attract a diverse mix of inquisitive wine enthusiasts – novices and experts alike – to join on common ground for the benefit of charity. Everyone is welcome, as long as you’re over 21, but wine snobs should check their attitudes at the door.

Proceeds for the Winter Gathering benefit A Kid Again, an organization dedicated to providing fun-filled group activities and destination events for children & families facing life threatening illnesses.

For more info or to register your team for the event, make sure you visit the Bacchanalian website or visit them on Facebook.

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