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  • January 7th, 2010

    Snooth’s Best of 2009

    Snooth.com is one of my absolute favorite online resources for wine.  Recently they published their own “Best of 2009″ article that I found quite interesting.


    For those new to Snooth it is basically a very large online wine database that enables you to search for wine, check prices, read reviews, explore varietals and regions, and also link up with other passionate wine lovers.  I use Snooth mostly for wine reviews, and find the reviews to be easy to digest and dead on most of the time.  Their iPhone app is usually my go to when I’m out shopping.

    Snooth’s unique spin on the “Best of 2009″ is a look at the most popular searches from last year…taking a look at the wines, regions, grapes and wineries people searched.  It’s a great way to see what other people are getting excited about in the wine world.

    Make sure you check out the full article at Snooth.com, and in the meantime here are the #1 searches across the different topics at Snooth.

    Most Searched Wine: 2007 Castello del Poggio Moscato d’Asti
    This is Olive Garden’s house wine which probably contributed to a lot of the searches, but evidently it’s pretty good!

    Most Viewed Article:  How to Speak Wine and REALLY Taste Wine
    Great article that takes a look at the basics of wine making and wine appreciation.

    Most Searched Region: California
    No surprise here.  California is America’s wine capital, and one of the premiere wine destinations in the World.

    Most Search Varietal:  Cabernet-Sauvignon
    From Snooth, Cabernet acreage as grown to more than 40,000 from only 600 acres in the 1960s.

    Most Searched Winery:  Castello del Poggio
    The Olive Garden winery strikes again!!!  Feels like Snooth has a business opportunity with OG.  Breadsticks anyone?

    Make sure you give Snooth a look.  I think you’ll find it a valuable resource.  Now let’s get a Cincinnati wine and vineyard on the Best of 2010 list!

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