March 19th, 2011

U.S. BEATS FRANCE!!! In wine sales…

For the first time ever U.S. wine sales have topped French wine sales, so let’s celebrate by drinking more wine!


U.S. 2010 wine market sales topped out at 330 million cases, just edging out France at about 321 million cases.  The French continue to DRINK far more wine, though, averaging about 12.2 gallons per resident per year compared to just shy of 3 gallons for U.S. residents.  Clearly we need to be hitting up more wine tastings.

Still, this is a huge mark for the U.S. as a global wine leader and shows we’re headed in the right direction.  U.S. wine consumption continued to grow throughout the recession, although many consumers traded down to lower priced wines.  Also, the 2.6 gallons per U.S. resident average indicates a ton of growth potential and a very promising future.

Nice job, America…and keep it up!  Read more on this at

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