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Saturday, June 26th, 2010:

Spanish Whites for Seafood…and Paella! – The Party Source – 1:00-3:00 PM

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    • World Cup stars, Bordeaux and other fun wine news on Uncorked Cincinnati. http://bit.ly/9VS415 1 week ago
    • Bill from Harmony Hill provided some amazing photos of their May frost. On front page today. http://bit.ly/42V1xW 1 week ago
    • Wine terminology: Staves - the slats of wood that make up the sides of a wine barrel. 1 week ago
    • Still haven't found a better under $20 Pinot Gris than @KingEstate. Especially good for a sunny Sunday afternoon BBQ. 1 week ago
    • RT @fettersac: About to go into Frank Family. These guys are a riot!! // One of my favorites. Send pics! 2 weeks ago
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  • June 9th, 2010

    Wine News – June 9, 2010

    At Uncorked Cincinnati we’re all about Cincinnati wine, but we also like to keep our eye on the rest of the wine world. Let’s see what’s going on.

    The Napa Valley from Silverado Vineyards

    The Napa Valley from Silverado Vineyards

    America’s Soccer Stars in South Africa’s Wine Country
    The 2010 World Cup in South Africa is right around the corner.  Wine Spectator takes a look at a few wine-loving US Soccer Team stars, as well as some great value wines from South Africa.

    Fun With Wine Consumption Statistics
    A fun article from Vinography takes a look at wine consumption stats around the globe.  Looks like North Korea isn’t all that into wine, and I’m very OK with that.

    HR 5034 Kills Consumer Access to Specialty Wine Retailers
    A couple of weeks ago an article on Uncorked Cincinnati by Jane Staley Boaz took a look at the CARE bill, otherwise known as HR 5034, and its anti-consumer motives.  Another look at the misguided Bill from Tom Wark’s Fermentation.

    Jack Nicklaus Gets Into Wine
    I’m a huge golf fan, so this article obviously caught my eye.  Is Jack going to try to take down the Shark?

    Bordeaux: Your Ass is on Notice
    Bordeaux is becoming irrelevant to younger wine lovers, at least that’s the NY Times takeGrapes and Grains takes a look at how Bordeaux has isolated itself from the rest of the world.

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