microwinesIt is our goal at microWINES to create more than a shopping location. MicroWINES is an inclusive venue dedicated to providing all the tools and assistance necessary to focus the experience of including wine as an element of your overall lifestyle. The enjoyment of wine increases with knowledge. We are proud to offer numerous avenues to enhance your knowledge of wine and thus enhance your enjoyment. The benefits of moderate wine consumption are well documented. Let us help you include wine as one facet of your healthy, active and entertaining lifestyle.

When you visit us during daily retail hours we encourage you to join us at our Tasting Table, utilize the information Kiosk Stations and explore the Collector’s Cellar. We also offer a host of evening Tasting Sessions throughout each month, and a range of Classes to meet the interests of all wine consumers, from the curious novice to the highly experienced collector.

Website: www.microwines.com

7292 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH

Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 AM-7:00 PM; Closed Sunday, Monday

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